Introducing LOUD #72: The Quick and the Dead

Our latest issue of LOUD magazine is now available online at ISSUU or you can pick up a copy next time you visit Depot Artspace.

LOUD #71: Arts in Action


THE VERNACULARIST – Te Hau Kapua: Devonport’s Buried Past 

The inquiry into a distinctive Aotearoa New Zealand vernacular and its many forms of expression, along with its evolution, has been the subject of our Vernacularist publications.

Issues explored and addressed have included the urban-rural divide, the environment, concepts of community, the place of art in an evolving vernacular and women in NZ Aotearoa society.

In this, our latest publication, Te Hau Kapua: Devonport’s Buried Past we are taken into a shrouded past, to an environment, landscape, population and settlement patterns profoundly different from those generally recognised as Devonport’s history.  Read more…

Whenua Me Te Iwi #4

Looking north east from the vicinity of Karangahape Road across the harbour towards the Devonport and Rangitoto, showing shipping in the harbour and a group of Maori driving pigs along the road, 1840-49. (Image credit: Sir George Grey Special Collections)