Established in 1996, Depot Artspace has been involved in independent publishing since its early days. Depot Press titles are published by Depot Artspace – an open and inclusive multidisciplinary community that encourages engagement in all art forms. Although Depot Artspace may be best known for its galleries and recording studio it also produces a variety of  publications that support the creative community and provide opportunities for participation and appreciation.

Depot Press includes:

The Vernacular Series which addresses issues and perspectives that create, communicate and challenge the unique identity of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Research based publications, treatises and manifestos on contemporary and historical social issues in Aotearoa.

Artists’ Exhibition Catalogues.

LOUD Magazine, Depot Artspaces’ quarterly magazine, documenting issues in the creative sector across all disciplines as well as updating our audience on in-house exhibitions, publications, events and other creative happenings. We released our 70th issue in October 2017.

To view our full catalogue of publications, click HERE. Alternatively, you can read many of our publications online.