Jermaine Reihana: Te Matahi 2.0

Work by Jermaine ReihanaDepot Press is pleased to make the catalogue available for Jermaine Reihana’s Te Matahi 2.0 exhibition at Depot Artspace, which ran from 2 to 20 July 2016.

In Te Matahi 2.0 Jermaine Reihana further explicates the significance of his preoccupation with Tui and the journey on which Tui has taken him, at once personal, genealogical and arcane. This series of works replicates aspects of the wharenui which inform and lay the platform for understanding who we are, where we come from and what we can expect and aspire to achieve in life’s journey as Maori. In relation to Tui the intricate tukutuku panels of the wharenui, which are integral to Reihana’s work, articulate the harmonics of its ancient and deeply spiritual call.

Tuia i runga. Tuia I raro.Tuia i waho. Tuia I roto.Tuia te here tangata. Ka rongo te po. Ka rongo te ao. Haumi e … Hui e…Taiki e